Ebook services and rates

I’ve taken the prices out because the ebook world changes faster than I can get back here and update the page. Email me!


This package is for novels and novel-like nonfiction (i.e., text-only, no subheads, sidebars, photos, bibliographics, tables, etc.) up to around 80,000 words. For general nonfiction, anthologies, etc., please email.

It includes:

  • Conversion of your FINISHED, PROOFED, PERFECT Word/Pages/RTF file
    Other formats probably fine; email to check
  • Typesetting (Formatting of your text to professional standards)
  • Promotional page for your other books (including covers, if you have them)
  • Good-looking chapter opener pages. Depending on appropriateness and available art, that might mean:
    • Chapter number/title art that harmonizes visually with the cover
    • Designed chapter numbers/titles
    • Up-caps and/or run-ins for initial paragraphs
  • Copyright page
  • Title page
  • Dedication/epigraph pages
  • Table of contents page with links
  • Acknowledgements, Notes, or glossary pages
  • “About the Author” page, including digital photo you supply
  • Insertion of metadata you supply
  • Kindle & epub formats delivered to you via email

It does not include:

  • Cover design.
    If you don’t have a cover designer, I like working with Tiger Bright Studios.
  • Custom font embedding.


I had a basic package cost up here, but people ended up paying different figures because projects do vary. Please email me about yours.


  • You send all the text and graphics [checklist] and pay half the fee
  • We talk about whatever needs talking about
  • As many rounds of text changes as necessary—but remember, your Word file is already FINISHED, PROOFED, PERFECT—see rates below for changes after production has started.
  • You receive .mobi, .epub, and cover art files and pay the second half


There are no galleys. The Word file is FINISHED, PROOFED, PERFECT, so the next thing you’ll see is an epub file.


A few days to a few weeks after all assets are provided, depending on workload and how much attention your Word file needs. Email me to check current turnaround times.


  • Be finished with any and all proofing/editing.
  • Never use soft returns (shift-return) for anything.
  • If the book contains extracts, verses, letters, or any other text meant to appear differently from basic body text, each variant should be styled discretely and consistently.
  • Special characters (glyphs, logos, runes, foreign letters, etc.) require special treatment. Email to discuss.


  • A .mobi file (for Kindle)
  • An .epub file (for Nook, iBooks, Sony Reader, etc.)
  • JPEGs of your cover in large and small sizes for you to use online
  • Unlimited rights to TYPEFLOW’s work in your books upon final payment


  • Something wrong with TYPEFLOW’s work? As long as you haven’t already approved it, no charge to fix it.
  • Changes to your text after work has already begun? $1.50/line touched.
  • Changes after the job is complete and you’ve signed off on everything? $85/hr.
  • As the client, you are responsible for proofing. Examine each proof carefully; once you approve it, changing it later will cost more. There’s a lot that happens on the way from Word to epub, so check your proofs.
    Changes after the job is complete must be hand-entered separately into each file, so it’s much cheaper to be careful earlier.


  • Sources other than Word files: Probably free, email to make sure
  • Author’s alts (your FINISHED, PROOFED, PERFECT Word file wasn’t): $85/hour


Bid on an individual basis:

  • Print On Demand – You pick the size, I make the PDFs, you upload them to CreateSpace, Lightning Source, etc.
  • Books with photos, diagrams, tables, etc.
  • Unusual or nonstandard projects
  • E-books longer than 85,000 words


  • PayPal or check
  • New clients: Half up front, half upon final delivery.
  • Projects for new clients over $1000 paid in thirds:(1/3) Up front(2/3) Upon your approval of roughs(3/3) Upon final delivery.


All rights to TYPEFLOW’s work in the ebook files transfer to you upon full payment for services.


You just need a Word file converted to epub (click!).

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