Checklist: Materials to send

Please contact me regarding scheduling. Turnaround varies, depending on workload.

Here’s the stuff I’ll need in order to do your book:

  • Word file of interior copy
  • Word file of any front matter:
    • Copyright page
    • Acknowledgment
    • Dedication
  • Word file of all back matter
    • About the Author copy
    • Anything else you want back there
  • Art files
    • If you are including ads or promotional pages, send the layered Photoshop master of each, plus all fonts.
    • Cover art: Please send the layered Photoshop master, plus all fonts.
    • Interior art, if any
    • Author photo
  • ISBN(s) for:
    • Print, if any
    • Ebook(s), if any
  • Metadata for ebooks
    • Author
    • Additional creators, if any
    • Title
    • Series, if any
    • Language
    • Publisher
    • Genre
    • Cover designer
    • Illustrator, if any
    • BISAC codes (get them here)
  • Dimensions for printed books
    • Including links to the specifications at Lightning Source, CreateSpace, Lulu, or wherever you’ve decided to have the book printed. Each has different specs for the same size of book.
    • (Please note that I discourage using Lulu.)
  • A note (in email or .doc) letting me know what options you’ve chosen for the book: Paper color, gloss vs. matte finish, etc.)
  • Any additional materials
  • Deadlines for all versions (please discuss with me before finalizing)

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